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Ziosk - Content Channels

Ziosk - Content Channels


The content channels were created in an effort to increase guest engagement during their dining experience by providing an area where they could read entertaining and interesting content provided by TIME Inc. that is curated specifically for the Ziosk experience. 

The channels also provided a new stream of revenue by selling ad space within the channels.



The main challenges with this project were the device limitations. All content needed to be curated and produced off the device and imported as images, no use of CSS, HTML or other coding was allowed.


This posed an interesting task that was overcome by using Liquid Layouts in InDesign and percentage based designs to allow for a single execution that is scaled for each device. Three different size devices are supported. 




Video walk-through

The video shows each aspect of the content channels experience.


Content Details


Landing Page

The Landing Page needed to be configurable for different clients, expandable if more channels were to be added and include space for advertisements. This implementation is the latest iteration on the design adding an area for social video ad integration.



Each channel is made up of 10 pieces of content. 7 articles and 3 ads. Navigation at the top of the page allows the user to go back to home or back one step. "The Take Me To" button allows the user to navigate from channel to channel. Ads can be static, video, pop-up video or they can take the user to a secondary app. Each article opens up into a separate page.



Video articles include a single video and title.



Gallery articles include up to 15 images, each having their own title and description.



Story or text articles contain title, body copy and a single image.